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World Energy GH2

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13 Tennessee Drive, Stephenville, NL, A2N 2Y3
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World Energy GH2 Inc. is a Newfoundland and Labrador-based renewable energy company. Our Project Nujio'qonik is a consortium of Canadian partners investigating the feasibility of the construction and operation of a cost-effective, wind power to green hydrogen/ammonia production facility located on the west coast of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Project Nujio’qonik will be Canada’s first commercial green hydrogen/ammonia producer created from 3+ Gigawatts of wind energy in one of the world’s best wind resource regions.

What is Green Hydrogen?

  • Renewable, zero-emission fuel produced through the electrolysis of water
  • Produced from only water and renewable electric power
  • Project Nujio’qonik will utilize wind power to produce the required electricity
  • Cleaner than Grey or Blue Hydrogen
  1. Grey Hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels and emits a high level of carbon
  2. Blue Hydrogen is produced in a similar way, generally from natural gas, and causes carbon to be released, but the carbon is stored using carbon capture technology

For general enquiries, contact us at info@WorldEnergyGH2.com.